Historic Preservation Commission

The Town of Carthage is in the process of establishing the Historic Preservation Commission.

For more information, please contact Town Clerk, Kim Gibson.

Local historic preservation commissions are the most effective means for promoting sustained historic preservation initiatives in our towns and counties. In North Carolina, the creation of such commissions is a local option authorized and governed by NCGS 160D-940 through 160D-951, 160D-102, 160D-303, 160D-404(c), and 105-278 which enables local governing boards to establish commissions to study and recommend designation of local historic districts and landmarks. In Carthage, Commissions are appointed by the Board of Commissioners and operate in strict adherence to procedures and standards required by the enabling legislation. 

The Historic District Commission members review applications for construction, altering or demolishing buildings/structures within the Town of Carthage designated historic district(s). The commission also issues Certificates of Appropriateness (COA). The commission may also request the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources or the North Carolina Historic Commission to review, comment on and make recommendations about applications for certificates of appropriateness.




Current Commission Members


Current Year Agendas

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Current Year Minutes

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