Waste & Recycling

The Town of Carthage and Moore County offers a variety of sanitation services and centers to ensure that residents are able to easily dispose of their garbage, recycling and other debris in a clean and safe manner that protects our beautiful area. To sign up for residential pick up, please contact Town Hall.


Household Trash

The Town of Carthage provides household waste disposal pickup through Republic Services. All in-town residents are provided with waste pickup as part of their monthly utility billing.

Pickup Schedule:

For addresses in the Downtown area: Pickups are on Friday.

For all other addresses: Pickups are on Monday.

  • Please have your waste containers at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on your pickup day.
  • Waste must be secured inside the waste container in order to be picked up. Items placed outside of or on top of the waste container will not be picked up.
  • Bulky item pickup is not available. Please dispose of bulky items at the Moore County Recycling Centers or Moore County Landfill.
  • To request a new or additional waste container please contact Town Hall.

HOLIDAY PICK UP SERVICE: Republic Services picks up on all holidays except Christmas Day. Pick up service will resume the following day regardless of weekend.

You may also use one of the Moore County Waste Collection sites near Carthage. 

Carthage-Hillcrest Collection Site

Midway Collection Site


The Town of Carthage does not provide recycling pick up services. However, a large, public recycling container is located in the far-right corner of the parking lot at the William C. Walton Municipal Building (Town Hall). Residents should separate recyclables from household waste and deposit in this container. Recyclables do not need to be sorted and may be placed together in the container.

Items that should be placed in this container include:

  • Plastic Bottles
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Steel Food Cans
  • Tin & Steel Aerosol Cans (Empty)
  • Glass Bottles (Clear, Green & Brown)
  • Newspaper/Magazines/Mail
  • Phone Books/Office Paper
  • Cardboard - Non waxed

Items that should not be placed in this container include:

  • NO Garbage or Plastic Bags
  • NO Ice Cream Containers
  • NO Foam Egg Cartons
  • NO Compact Discs or DVD's
  • NO Paper Towels, Napkins, Cups or Plates
  • NO Styrofoam Items
  • NO Toys or Sporting Goods

All items must be empty and clean. Cardboard boxes must be broken down and flattened.

Moore County also provides two waste and recycling collection sites nearby.

Carthage-Hillcrest Collection Site

Midway Collection Site

For more recycling options, visit Moore County's Solid Waste Department website here.


Yard Debris

Yard debris will be picked up every other Monday. Pick up schedule is subject to change.


  • Light refuse (leaves, twigs, pine needles and the like) must be securely contained in a plastic bag. Bags must weigh less than 50 pounds each, with a 20-bag limit per pick up.
  • Heavy refuse (limbs, branches and the like) may not be more than 6 feet in length, or more than 3 inches in diameter. They must be placed curbside with the butt ends facing the street and stacked in a neat pile.
  • There is a one pile per pick up limit and the pile can be no larger than six feet long, five feet wide and three feet high.
  • All refuse shall be deposited curbside by 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled pick-up day.
  • Removal of debris from site clearing and building construction shall be the responsibility of the property owner or contractor.

In the event a collection day does not occur due to holiday closure, inclement weather or other reasons, collection shall occur on the next business day or as soon as possible. 

For questions regarding yard debris pick-up, please call Town Hall at (910) 947-2331.