NCDOT Road Widening Project Begins

Published on October 01, 2023

NCDOT project U-3628 to widen NC 24-27 (Monroe St.) from the historic courthouse to US 15-501 has begun. This project has been under review by the NCDOT since 1997 and is intended to improve safety and traffic flow through town and to provide bicycle and pedestrian opportunities which supports the Town of Carthage Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan adopted in 2018.

Residents and visitors to Carthage should expect to see removal of trees and relocation of business and road signage. As the project progresses, road construction will bring heavy equipment and NCDOT workers. Drivers are cautioned to slow down through construction zones and expect some delays getting through town.

The Town of Carthage understands that road construction projects can be frustrating to drivers and citizens but we are confidant that better flow of traffic and a new sidewalk from downtown to the US 15-501 interchange at Hardee's will bring greater opportunity for a safer and more walkable community.

For more details on this project, please the NCDOT U-3628 Feasibility Study.

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