Code Enforcement

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The Town of Carthage is committed to improving and maintaining the quality of life and environment for all residents. Working with citizens, we strive to ensure that the Town of Carthage continues to be a safe and attractive place to live, work and play through regular inspection activities town-wide and the enforcement of Town Codes to include Development Codes.

Town Manager, Emily Yopp, is responsible for Code Enforcement activities in the Town of Carthage. Other staff members can be designated to assist with Code Enforcement as well.


The purpose of code enforcement is to ensure that properties within the town limits and, in some cases, the extraterritorial jurisdiction surrounding the town, follow the codes and regulations established by the Board of Commissioners to promote the public health, safety and welfare in our community. There are two types of codes within the Town of Carthage jurisdiction: the General Code of Ordinances and the Unified Development Code of Ordinances. Some of the most common General Code enforcement complaints are junked vehicles, unmowed lots, improper disposal of rubbish and dilapidated or unsafe housing. The Development ordinances control the development and use of land within the jurisdiction.

A Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for ensuring that both the General Code and Development Code is being followed. This individual is designated by either the Board of Commissioners or the Town Manager. Their duties include receiving complaints of potential code violations, inspecting properties for violations, working with property owners or other responsible agents to bring the violation back into compliance and helping property owners understand their responsibilities when owning property within the Town of Carthage or ETJ.

Every residential property owner is required to do or have certain things in order to be in compliance with housing and building codes. For Carthage, a property owner is required to keep the dwelling clean, free of rubbish and refuse, operable plumbing fixtures such as bathrooms and sinks, and to maintain the property in such a way that it does not experience deterioration. Sewer lines and septic systems must be in good working order so as not to pose an environmental or biological hazard. Roofs cannot extensive damage such as holes, tarp coverings or rot so as to let in the elements. If you have specific questions about a property, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer to discuss the code in more detail.

To report a concern, call or visit Town Hall and request to submit a possible code violation. Your message will be delivered to the appropriate staff members. Or you may submit your complaint using our online form. 

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If you receive a violation notice, please read the information in the letter thoroughly and follow the instructions to contact the Code Enforcement Officer. Failure to communicate with the Code Enforcement Officer will lead to further actions to correct the violation. It is the Town of Carthage's intent to work amicably together with property owners to bring clarity to a violation, develop a plan of correction and establish reasonable timelines that work for both parties. We understand that receiving a violation notice can be a very stressful and upsetting situation, but we are here to help in any way we can.